Legal Paternity Test: For Your Best Interests

By Benedict Perez

Do you have a question in mind whether or not you are the real father of your lovely baby boy? If yes, then I have a solution for you. It is called legal paternity test. It is the best sure-fire way to confirm if you are the father of a child. This test is not difficult to perform but is a bit costly. It is so easy that you can perform it at home and send it to the lab for the final test. In this article I will tell you how to perform the test at home.

First of all it is important that you should have a faint idea about who the father is and do the test on him. This will save a lot of pocket expenses. In order for a mother to have at least a vague ideas as to who the real father is, try to recall the date of your last period then add two weeks to it. This was the period of your ovulation. Now think who you had intercourse with within this time frame. When you get all the ideas, perform the paternity test.

To perform the paternity test you have to first take the sample of the DNA of father and the baby. DNA is present everywhere in the body whether it is blood or saliva. DNA shows the characteristics and other important things about the person. If the two persons are related to each other then some of the DNA strands are similar but if they are not related to each other then there is no characteristic that can be similar. This is most often gathered using a buccal swab of the mouth or through a blood sample.

Buccal swab is available in the home testing kit. For gathering the DNA samples just put the swab into the mouth and take the material from the inside of the cheek. This is because DNA is also present in the saliva.

After getting the sample of the saliva or blood it is the time to send it to the lab for testing. With the kit you will find an envelope. Put the sample in the envelope carefully and send it to the lab. The experts in the lab will check the sample and match it. After getting the results they will mail it back to you. You can also leave your contact number to call for early results.

The paternity test is accurate and can prove that any said man is the father of the baby or not. Many criminal and other cases are also solved with the help of this test.

There are some things that you have to keep in mind. The most important thing is the outcome of the result. Think if the outcome is negative one then what will happen. . In some cases the tests can result in child support issues, custody and visitation. If you do not want these issues then it may be wise that you carefully think. Think what you will gain and what you will loose by conducting this test. Is it good for you and your child?

Legal paternity test can be done with the help of internet. Search the sites that work in this field and call up on the numbers available in the website for further processing. Everything is done by mails. - 32385

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